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Barrie Physiotherapy | Treatment for Neck Pain, Back Pain and Other Issues


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At Barrie Physiotherapy in Barrie, ON, we specialize in treatment for neck pain, back pain, and a wide variety of other issues. We offer physiotherapy services to everyone from children to seniors. In addition, our physiotherapy Barrie company in Barrie, ON offers personalized treatments that are tailored to your needs so you can get better faster! Contact our team today for more information on how we can help you!

What is neck pain and what causes it?


Neck pain is a common problem that affects many people. It can be both acute and chronic, meaning it may come on quickly or slowly over time. Neck pain usually relates to the neck muscles, joints in the spine (vertebrae), discs between vertebrae, ligaments that connect vertebrae together, or nerves around these areas. In some cases, there may not be an exact cause for the pain, such as from whiplash injury or arthritis of cervical joints. The severity of neck pain ranges from mild stiffness after sleeping with head propped up too long to severe low back type symptoms when looking at a computer screen all day without proper support posture adjustment.


How to prevent or manage neck pain

The first step in managing neck pain is assessing the severity. The following steps are to treat and manage your condition’s symptoms or risk factors, such as: Taking pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medications, or muscle relaxants for aches and pains associated with sore muscles. Massage therapy may help relieve stiffness caused by tight, tense muscles due to stress. You can also try heat applications like a hot bath or heating pad which provides temporary relief from inflammation. Physical therapies (chiropractic care by Chiropractor Barrie) might be helpful if you have decreased range of motion because of a disk injury that has compressed a nerve.


Treatment for Neck Pain

Neck pain treatment will depend on the severity and type of neck pain. There are a variety of treatments to choose from, and your physiotherapist will work with you to decide what would be most appropriate for your condition. Some people may just need exercise advice or massage therapy, while others might require surgery or other intervention such as cortisone injection. Effective treatments include:

– Exercise (such as stretching, strengthening)

– Heat application (heat packs, hot bath)

– Massage therapy

– Physical therapies (chiropractic care) or Compression socks Barrie (for feet) if there is nerve compression due to disk injury that has compressed a nerve

Other treatments available at Barrie Physiotherapy Clinic 

At physiotherapy Barrie, we have a variety of treatments available for neck pain. One treatment is acupuncture which has been found to be effective in relieving mild cervical sprain. Acupuncture Barrie involves inserting fine needles in specific points on the body (usually at places commonly used during massage therapy). It works by stimulating nerves, muscles, or connective tissues to release natural chemicals called endorphins。 These endorphins act as natural painkillers and reduce inflammation。 When these areas have an increased supply of blood flow, they generate more energy, thereby strengthening their function. This can help with treating conditions such as whiplash injury from rear-end collision or arthritis of cervical joints. At our clinic, we also offer Orthotics Barrie.


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