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How Your Trauma Affects You And How to Heal

Sep 28

What is trauma, exactly? Perhaps the difficulty is greater than you think. If you learn how recovering from trauma might help you get over your fear and anxiety, you might be prepared to go on to the next phase.

What Precisely Is Happening?

According to neuroscience, trauma impacts all people at some time in their life. The traumatic event need not be severe, such as a severe loss, an injury, or exposure to a terrible situation.

Everyday unpleasant feelings are experienced by everyone, which is maybe best described as micro trauma.

A person has to experience emotions that cover the whole range of their senses in order to cope with the dissonance of the news, accounts of terrifying happenings throughout the globe, and their own personal lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Trauma is known to have several effects on the brain, ranging from a modest "shock to the system" to powerful shock waves that sweep through our bodies and minds.

In reaction to trauma (shock), neurons that fire simultaneously form strong connections. The clusters of neurons that have been connected together light up when you feel frightened or shocked!

As a consequence, neurotransmitters are released, instructing various emotional and cognitive responses from our body. These responses might sometimes shield us via defensive mental states like denial.

Sometimes our anxiety and terror overwhelm us to the point that the fight or flight reaction kicks in. This method encourages the release of powerful neurotransmitters and hormones that control your body and mind.

If you just speak about your emotions and thoughts, you are effectively re-traumatizing your body! Over time, this weakens your defenses, leaving you feeling worn out, anxious, drained, and sad. Our bodies, especially our neuro-cognitive systems, need to be re-calibrated to end the cycle of trauma recurrence.

How Would You Approach Achieving That?

When emotional creativity is promoted with intellectual/analytic understanding, our brains have the capacity to unwind trauma-based coding.

Additionally, our bodies may create new connections and re-route nerve endings away from the injured location in order to restore a non-traumatic internal communication system between our bodies, minds, and hearts.

This Procedure Is Referred To As Healing

Most practitioners (therapists) lack training in the nuanced knowledge of our nerve ganglia, which are located throughout our spine and function as frequency modulators. Our Chakra System is made up of seven energy centers (modulators), each of which is linked to a certain color spectrum and emotional perception.

using the tools of the artist to safely convey the human being's wide range of feelings and ideas. A compassionate psychotherapist who will accompany you on your recovery road may help you accomplish this.

This aids in re-harmonizing our subliminal frequencies and bringing us back to equilibrium and health.

No matter how deep or how far you need to go, I can accompany you anywhere you need to go.

It is my honor and my mission to help you personally experience more healing and peace as we all work to rebuild our planet, one heart at a time.

For nearly 40 years, Ed Regensburg, LCAT, has been working as a psychotherapist. Through his books, expressive art works, his private practice, Creative Sanctuary, as well as seminars and speaking engagements, Ed aims to go deeper than standard therapy so that you may start to overcome conflict and address your bigger questions about life and existential meaning.