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An Affair of the Heart Couples Retreat: Day Five

Jul 27

Day five is the last day of Couples Therapy Retreats at An Affair of the Heart. It is designed to initiate the forgiving of injuries and build trust again. Therefore, it is often referred to as the Completion and Wraps up session. The session features detailed initiation of solutions that result in the positive building of once broken relationships. The day’s program is covered in a number of sessions.

Three-Hour Couples Session

The program starts with the typical three-hour couple’s sessions. The coach’s approach will have reached a point where the couple has built sufficient bond and trust to initiate the healing process of old relationship injuries. We explore how each partner was hurt and how it affected their input into the relationship. Furthermore, we strive to make sense of every action you took during the relationship. Our Marriage Therapy Retreat specialist also looks into the vulnerable and challenging journey of putting your wants, needs, hurt, and fears on an external speaker. We aim to make you share your pain, understand your partner’s pain, and start the forgiveness journey. 

Lunch Break

During the lunch break, the coaches and specialists work out the final approach to strengthen the couple’s healing process. Finally, they lay down all the feasible solutions which will promote love and healing, bringing a new dawn to a relationship.

Couples Session

This is a short Marriage Retreat couples session aimed at fast-checking the morning session details. Our specialists make sure they leave no stone unturned when it comes to assessing the healing process and working out the best solutions. 

Couples Session to Completion

This is the final stage of the day’s program. It takes approximately one and a half hours. This session is essential to continue the morning’s work to completion. We carry out a structured walk of the healing process while ensuring every partner is comfortable taking the measures to rebuild their relationship. This NYC Marriage Counseling final session ensures couples can stay in the relationship, appreciate one another, respect each other’s feelings, and work to meet each other’s needs. Additionally, it ensures they open up to each other more and discuss their softer feelings.

Wrap up

Day five of An Affair of the Heart Couples Retreats marks the end of the session. The scientific-backed methods are implemented to completion, with couples leaving the session determined to work out their relationship. The solutions tailored to each couple are unique and result-driven.

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