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May 22

After getting married, things are always sweet, but after some time, problems begin. What goes wrong? One of the main things to blame is communication. Most marriages have ended due to lack or poor communication. Other issues to blame include lack of respect and commitment and being unfaithful. But no matter what, your marriage can be saved. At an Affair Of The Heart, we organize Intensive Marriage Retreats to help save marriages. Here are signs you should look for to know that you need to come to our retreats.

Lack of Sexual Intimacy

Sexual desire is very strong for newly wedded couples. However, it declines with time, depending on how you treat each other. If sexual desire declines to a level that one partner wants it and the other isn't interested, it is time to seek help if you want to save your marriage. When you come to our Couples Marriage Retreats, our team will work with you to help you resolve things that keep you apart and damage your sexual attraction. Nothing is impossible; it all depends if you want to save the marriage or not. 

Frequently Feeling Angry with Your Partner

It is not normal when you always feel agitated or angry with your spouse. When one partner feels angry about the other most of the time, that is a sign that your marriage has a problem. The partner probably has unhealed wounds or has discovered something that is hurting. You should seek help to find out the problem and resolve it. You should come to our Marriage Retreats, and Ross Hackerson and other professionals will help you talk things out, deal with the problem and re-establish your relationship.

Living Like Roommates 

If you have been in a marriage for a long time, a time can come when you start living like roommates. This can be due to stress and taking each other for granted. In some marriages, the partners are over-committed to their careers and don't have time for each other. They just come home and go. Something can be done to salvage the marriage before it ends in divorce. Just come to our Relationship Retreats, and you will see an improvement in your relationship sooner.

Lack of Respect and Trust 

Respect and trust are vital foundations of a Relationship Retreat. If partners don't respect each other and argue most of the time, that is a sign of unhealthy marriage. Also, if one partner is unfaithful, reestablishing trust isn't easy. At An Affair Of The Heart, we can help you learn to respect each other. Additionally, our team will help you rebuild the broken trust and start afresh.

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