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May 21

Unresolved trauma can prevent you from achieving your life goals. It prevents you from working at your full potential, affecting your productivity at work and in life. No matter the cause of trauma, you need a solution to address it so that you can reclaim your life and perform optimally. If you have tried weekly or monthly therapy and have not seen desirable results, it is time to consider an Intensive Therapy Retreat. Intensive Therapy Retreats is one of the best centers for organizing helpful therapy retreats. Here is why you should come to our retreats.

Use Scientifically Proven Methods

Getting over trauma is not easy. You need scientifically tested and approved methods to resolve your trauma. When you come to our Therapy Retreats, you will have a chance to interact with top therapists, like Dr. Bambi Rattner, who will use EMDR and other scientifically tested therapies to help you overcome your trauma and underlying emotions. The proven methods have been used in the past and helped many victims process traumatic experiences, heal and focus on the future.

Fast Results

You probably have tried monthly therapies, but still, there is no change in your life. Don't worry; our upcoming Intensive Trauma Therapy Retreat will help you heal from trauma and look to the future. Our 3-5-day retreats will get your life back on track. Within just a few days, you will see a change in your life and feel motivated to keep going.

Note that our retreats don't treat the symptoms; they focus on the root cause of the problem. This means that the symptoms will go away soon to allow you to heal and move forward. For that reason, we can say our retreats offer better and faster results than a year of weekly therapy.

We Keep in Touch Even After the Retreat 

After Trauma Retreat therapy, we follow up with our clients to know their progress. We know that most patients enjoy positive progress if they adhere to our tips and guidelines. However, some can have challenges. But we are a supportive retreat center that wants the best for our clients. We will call or email you to know how you are doing and guide you to fully overcome your fears and past experiences.

We Are Honest

Honesty is vital when treating trauma. At Intensive Therapy Retreats, we are honest with our clients. We tell you about your progress, even when the results are not desirable. We do this to ensure patients know their Mental Health Getaway and put in efforts to get better and improve their life. Additionally, we are honest in our pricing. This helps you to prepare accordingly for the retreat to avoid inconveniences. 

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