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My Kids Don't Want Anything To Do With Me

Feb 22


In this video counselors Dr Kevon Owen and Destini Ramsey are discussing "My Kids Don't Want Anything To Do With Me".

When communications between parents and children break down there is a reason but it might not be easy to find it. Children that are grown or still under your care when there is no communication between you and them is very hurtful and difficult. No matter the cause, you or them or a combination of both, a way needs to be found back to a way to talk again.

You can try to message or email or call them but if the wedge is there you might get nothing but silence. Possibly a hand written letter that approaches them on a neutral ground might be a first step.

Another step would be to get some guidance be cause you might be too close to the problem to see everything clearly. This is where a counselor could be of assistance.

To take the first step contact Dr Kevon Owen by calling 405-740-1249 or 405-655-5180. More information is available by visiting Kevon's website at

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