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The Power Of Relationship

Feb 1



In this video counselors Dr Kevon Owen and Brent Hazelrigg are talking about "The Power Of Relationship".

Did you realize how many relationships affect you every day? If you are a parent, mother, father, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, child, friend, boss, employee. Your are affected by relationships every day. You know they are valuable in many different ways.

You may learn from parents, siblings, friends and some of what you learn will be valuable and some won't. Some will be lessons on what not to do in life. Some will be other people in your life that will be showing you the correct way of living your life if you are willing to watch and learn.

You are also meant to be interacting with other people. Some you will appreciate, some you won't. Another choice is isolation. Human beings are social creatures and you are meant to be hopefully in harmony and peace with most other people. Isolation is not a healthy way to live. It can lead to withdrawal from others, depression and other mental health issues not meant for you to go through.

If you or someone you know are having problems with relationships or isolation and could use some guidance with these issues you can give Dr Kevon Owen a call at 405-740-1249 or 405-655-5180. For further information you can also visit our website at

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