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Things to Know About Moving Day Etiquette

Dec 9

Whatever your job or field, you'll almost always be required to interact with others. There are some items you would like your customers, colleagues, or providers could have known to make their interactions a lot more seamless and productive. They feel the same way when you choose a moving company. Here are some things that your movers wish they could tell you to make moving day easier for all:


  • Let them perform their task.


What can you do to help your moving company the most? Allow them to complete their job! While you might think you're in control, there are reasons to hire full-service movers. They're professionals with a degree who have successfully moved couches, crates, and other items that are fragile. They won't feel micromanaged and you'll feel less anxious.

Make sure you have packed your items before moving day



If you're paying for the full-service removals company They will. It is not necessary to pay additional for packing services if they don't want to. This makes it easier for them to load the home in their trucks. It's a waste to sit around waiting for you to pack.

Make sure you have cash, valuables as well as prescription drugs with your person at all times.


  • Moving some objects could be a hassle for you.


They do not need to be burdened with things like cash or jewelry and would prefer to not risk being accused of losing such things. Moving day is stressful, so keep your belongings safe, and let the Movers San Diego handle the other tasks.

The boxes must be marked with their final destination.


Do you have to assist movers?


Labeling each box with the destination room can assist your movers in unloading more quickly and help you avoid acting as a traffic controller. If you're paying them an hourly wage it is even more important.

Be sure to warn the movers and take care to label the box when something is damaged.


If your movers were psychic then they'd not be your moving crew, so inform them if something is fragile or requires a conservative treatment for another reason. It's important to let them know what to do. Write it down, note it on paper, or say it loudly. Then complete the task as swiftly as they can.


  • You must ensure that they have simple, straightforward access.


Aid your movers by making sure you know where they can park their trucks and how they will get the most efficient access to your apartment, and if there are any limitations on parking or time for moving. Your movers operate believing that this information is thoroughly researched. They would be furious if they learned that their inexperience had resulted in being charged for parking.


  • It is not recommended to pack heavy objects in large boxes.


It seems sensible to put all the books in one box. Wrong. Even for the largest movers, the large book boxes can be difficult to move and might even break during transport. Read our guide on finding free moving boxes around the town if you're looking for additional boxes to cover the difference.

Get everything out of your drawers, armoires, and desks.


This doesn't just make your items heavier, but can also increase the chance of moving contents and sliding drawers. The majority of movers San Diego won't move furniture or file cabinets that are still in use.


To facilitate packing For ease of packing, some experts suggest that everything is placed in drawers. However, the drawer's contents are best secured by using plastic wrap.

If you are unsure of where to begin take a look at our guide to packing like a pro.


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