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Top Pest Control Tips and Tricks To Keep Pests Away

Nov 26

Top Pest Control Tips and Tricks To Keep Pests Away

Cockroaches (as well as termites, spiders, and ants) can not only ruin your home but can also spread disease. This is why it's so important to contact an insect control Olympia WA service. To keep pests away, you should first try these top 10 tricks and techniques before hiring a pest control service.


Here are the top most effective pest control tricks and tips.


1. Maintain a clean kitchen.


In an environment that is damp or filthy, pests thrive. Keep your kitchen surfaces, stovetops, racks, and drawers free of pests. They should be cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner regularly. Food particles can attract even more insects if left out in the open. Although it won't eliminate the pest infestation completely, this method can significantly reduce the pest population in your home. You must also take care of pest control if you don’t wish your home to become infested.

2. Clean the bathroom


The majority of pest management advice for apartments doesn't include pest management in bathrooms. However, the previous regulation is also applicable to bathrooms. Make sure the bathroom is dry and clean. A toilet cleaner should be used to clean the toilet at least once a week. For at least one week, clean the sink with a heavy-duty bathroom cleaner. You should keep your shower curtain dry and clean. It is important to keep the drain clear of hair and soap particles. These are small steps that will keep the bathroom clean for a longer duration.


3. Allow water to drain from a container.


The stagnant water can make mosquitoes thrive. Clean up the area around the house and drains. Mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria can be spread by stagnant, unclean water. Keep your bathroom buckets dry when not in use. The same applies to kitchen utensils. If your air conditioner is water-free, you shouldn't place a vessel beneath it to collect the water. A pipe can be used to transport the water from your air conditioner as soon as it arrives.


4. Never leave fruits or vegetables out for too many hours.


Overripe produce and vegetables attract flies. Keep cut or ripe fruits out of reach of insects for extended periods of time. While fruit flies may be harmless to some pests (such as fruit flies), rotten fruits can attract larger pests (such as house flies. ants. and cockroaches) that are hard to eradicate.


5. You must ensure that your garbage is properly disposed of.


It's not difficult to clean your kitchen after you have treated pests. However, it is simple and essential to have a garbage collection. Garbage should always be disposed of. Garbage accumulation might lead to rodent and/or cockroach infestations. This is made worse if there are food particles in the area. This can lead to infection, especially if your pets or children are small.


6. Keep your garden in good shape.


If you have lawns or gardens, fill in holes and pits so water doesn't collect. If your garden has a pond or water fountain, you should clean it every so often. Prune your plants on a regular schedule to prevent bushy or wild growths. Keep your yard neat to avoid unwanted pests such as mosquitoes, rats, and ants.


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